Is a NorthBayIT right for you?

While reduced IT expenditures are a potential benefit, many of our customers want a managed services relationship for reasons that go to the heart of their business. Reasons like these:

  • The ability to protect their revenue stream
  • Ensure their operational efficiency and reliability
  • Maintain credibility with customers (no interruption in services)
  • Eliminating many risks that are associated with IT failures


Typically our customers do not have a full-time in-house IT expert on staff – yet their network and IT systems are critical to their core business. Ultimately their ability to deliver revenue generating services or products to end-customers hinges on having a predictable, reliable, optimized IT infrastructure, 24/7/365. 

A break-fix service model has big risks 

Managed services are one of two broad approaches that you can take with your IT and network systems. At the other end of the service spectrum is a break fix model where you call an IT provider only when there is an IT problem or failure. This approach has huge risks for your business and is often much more expensive in the long run. Here’s why. 

With a break fix model you are vulnerable to sudden and unexpected failures like a server crash. You can’t plan or budget for that type of unpredictable failure. It happens and you are thrown into emergency mode.

The total cost of repairing any IT problem is usually more than if you have a proactive managed services relationship. This is especially true when you factor in the hidden cost of downtime, lost employee productivity, and potentially lost customer revenue. Also, in most cases, a managed services relationship anticipates potential failures and problems before they occur.

A so called break-fix model also results in a chaotic relationship with your IT provider and the technology that supports your business. You are constantly putting out fires, waiting for the next failure, and operating in emergency mode.

Important benefits from Managed Network Support Services

A managed service relationship with NorthBayIT introduces a predictable, proactive approach to the management and maintenance of your IT systems. Measurable benefits include:

  • Operational efficiency resulting in employee productivity gains
  • Optimized IT systems that support your business goals
  • Predictable cost based on a flat monthly fee for all IT requirements
  • Cost reduction and/or cost avoidance – you may be able to reduce your annual IT expenditure

What You Get

A Managed Network Support Services relationship means you pay a flat monthly fee to receive a specific set of IT services from NorthBayIT.  These generally include:

  • Proactive remote monitoring and management
  • Data back-up and recovery
  • Antivirus and network security and protection
  • Ongoing software updates and patch management
  • NOC and Help Desk support
  • Mobile services and support
  • And many others

The key outcome and benefit to you is a reliable, optimized, high performance network that ensures optimal employee productivity and protection of your revenue