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With technology becoming more & more complex and integral to your critical business services, proactive network monitoring and management is critical.  How do you balance the need for this level of service with static budgets and limited resources, while meeting the demand for innovation?  As a solution, more and more organizations are now turning to managed network support services for part or all of their network support.

NorthBayIT is uniquely positioned to provide these services as well as we’re committed to helping our customers save time and money on all of their technology needs.  Since our inception, we have consistently focused on building strategic relationships with our clients to help them use technology to be more productive, efficient, and profitable.  Our main focus is on hardware/software solutions, managed IT, and VoIP telecommunications, but we also have an array of other services available to handle your every technology need.

  • With NorthBayIT you receive the benefit of a proactively managed network without pulling from your internal IT expertise.  Additionally NorthBayIT is typically 30-50% less costly than an internally managed program.
  • As a special promotion, NorthBayIT would like to offer you a FREE Network Health Assessment and custom FlexIT plan.  Our team of IT & network professionals will:
  • Understand your business objectives for network monitoring and management
  • Inventory of all your assets and network devices
  • Analysis & detect potential HR issues
  • Ensure nobody is sharing inappropriate or sensitive corporate material
  • Accessing inappropriate websites
  • Determine the level of incremental downtime, and subsequent loss of staff productivity associated to web surfing
  • Detect ‘out of compliance’ software & license requirements
  • Many times software is installed by employees without the company’s knowledge.
  • To get your FREE Network Health Assessment, simply complete the online request form located at the bottom of our website, or reply to  After we receive your request, a NorthBayIT’s representative will contact you to schedule a specialist to perform the assessment.